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Get Involved!

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Click here to see how to sign up.


Our committee is funded solely through donations. Click here to get more information.


Download a Florida Voter Registration. For English click here or for Spanish click here.


The committee wants to hear from you. Send us your comments and suggestions.


Click here to visit informative govern-ment, political and social websites.

Republican HQ help needed: We are have opened a Head Quarters for Election in Apalachicola at 76 Market Street, Suite C. We need Republican volunteers' to help, if you can spare 2 or 3 hours a week we would be glad to have your help, give us a call or send an email! if you are interested.

My American College Dictionary which is many decades old defines “volunteer” in part as one who offers himself for any service or undertaking.  A current definition of “volunteer” found on the internet defines a “volunteer” as somebody who works for nothing.  The current definition is more in line with what a volunteer may expect when volunteering for a committee chore.

The Franklin County Republican Committee has no employees and pays no salaries.  We rely on volunteers to do the committee’s work.  We are very generous in rewarding our volunteers with satisfaction.

We ask very little from our volunteers.  We would hope as a volunteer you would be interested in attending our monthly meetings, maybe even serving as a precinct committee person.  Volunteers are invited to participate in committee discussions and assist the committee in reaching decisions.

If you believe as we do in smaller government, less taxes, individual responsibility and freedom from excess government regulations, become a volunteer on the Franklin County Republican Committee.  Contact one of our members listed under Our Leaders for answers to any question you might have.  And remember, we are very generous in passing out satisfaction to our volunteers.

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