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The Franklin County Republican Committee meets on the third Wednesday of each month.  If you care to attend, please call the chairman at 850-927-2770 so adequate arrangements can be made.

Other Dates to Remember

Election dates for 2012:

  • Jan 31 - Republican Presidential Preference Primary
  • Aug 14 - Primary
  • Nov 6 - General

Supervisor of Elections' "Book Closing" dates for 2012:

  • Jan 3 - Presidential Preference Primary
  • Jul 16 - Primary
  • Oct 9 - General

Note: The "Book Closing Date", or the last day to register to vote or change Party registration, is 29 days prior to an election.  That date for next Tuesday's Presidential Primary was Jan 3.  Persons not registered as Republican on that date will not be able to vote in the Presidential Primary.  As of Jan 3. there were 5021 Franklin County voters registered as Democrats, 1609 Republicans, and 632 "Other", for a total registered voters of 7262.  Republicans make up only 22% of the total electorate in the county, yet decide who the other 76% will vote for in the Nov. General Election.  In order to vote in the July 16, 2012 Republican primary race for US Senate, you must be registered as a Republican on or before July 16.  Switching is easy.  Just go to, scroll down the left side to "Register to Vote", click, and follow the instructions.

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